A Diabetes Mentor in Your Cell Phone

» A Diabetes Mentor in Your Cell Phone – DiabetesMine: the all things diabetes blog

For most people, the cell phone is one of the only gadgets everyone understands and uses every day. There are several companies that have utilized the wide world of iPhone applications, but new-kid-on-the-diabetes-block WellDoc, a Baltimore-based company, has created a new mobile product designed for any phone, called WellDoc’s Diabetes Manager.

The WellDoc demo (which you can watch here) describes a scenario of John, a type 2 diabetic, and Dr. Smith, an endocrinologist. John has “poorly controlled diabetes,” with an A1C over 9, and only sees Dr. Smith for 15 minutes every few months. (Sound familiar?)

For the patient, the WellDoc Diabetes Manager system acts as a mobile CDE / mom:

– It reminds you when to test
– It receives blood glucose readings from a bluetooth-enabled meter or from manual input
– It analyzes the data and provides real-time feedback
– It provides a food database to prevent over treating hypoglycemia
– It asks questions about what caused low or high blood sugars and suggests areas of needed education
– It alerts when you need to retest


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