Sync Facebook photos with Apple’s Address Book

I dont have a facebook account anymore and I also dont have Plaxo. Now Plaxo, when I had the account, did this syncing and even today I have profile photos of all the plaxo contacts in my iphone.

So when someone from my old plaxo list cals I see their photo. Cool.

But now you can do that with address book. See below.

Sync Facebook photos with Apple’s Address Book – Download Squad

Back in the day — OK, 2007 — there was a spiffy little OS X app called Facebook Sync that pulled down your friends’ contact info and added it to Address Book on your Mac. This was especially brilliant if you used iChat, because screen names would be imported so you could chat with most of your Facebook friends before there was a Facebook Chat. But Facebook Sync turned out to be too good to be true when Facebook decided it violated their Terms of Service. Address Book Sync partially fills the void by allowing you to bulk-add your FB contacts to Address Book — minus the contact info.

What good is it if you can’t sync screennames and email addresses? Well, you can still sync photos and birthdays, and at least you’ll have an Address Book entry for each Facebook contact. Also, if you already like the photo you have in your Address Book for one of your friends, you can uncheck a box to have Address Book Sync leave it alone. If your phone can sync contacts with Address Book, this is also a fast way to have people’s photos show up when they call you. Address Book Sync works brilliantly and doesn’t violate the terms of service. Now, if I could just figure out a way to add contact info to all these new entries …

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