Prototyping interaction design

I started look at ScreenFlow as a possible prototyping software – and then found that it actually does the job for iphones.

Creating a screencast with a Mac: will you use iShowU HD, Screenium, ScreenFlow, or Snapz Pro?

Perhaps you want to create a software training on your Mac, or you just want to show people something that can be done with an application. For that, you’ll need to have a screencast recording program, and on the Mac there are at least five of these that are usable to professionals: ScreenFlow, Screenium, iShowU, iShowU HD Pro, and Snapz Pro with QuickTime recording option. We tested all five of them on performance and quality.

You can record a screencast in two ways. You either record the entire screen or a small portion of it. If you choose the second method it’s best to let the area follow your mouse wherever it goes. Actually, there’s a third way to record which is to record a fixed area of your screen, but that’s only efficient when you know in advance you’ll be working within that small area all the time.


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