Studio Designers

I will now explore a few designers of furniture/stuff – who are taking a “non-commodity” approach to furniture/stuff. I find this interesting as this releases furniture from its bounds, its product-ness and its utilitarian-ness within the ‘life-style’ discourse. Plus some other stuff.

  1. Max Lamb
  2. Maarten Baas
  3. Nacho Carbonnel
  4. Hella Jongerius
  5. Marcel Wanders
  6. Robert langhorn
  7. Carrie Solomon
  8. Design Drift
  9. Frederik Roije
  10. Wieki Somers
  11. Chris Kabel
  12. Creative Levitation Design
  13. Rafael Morgan
  14. Alexander Reh
  15. Sixixis
  16. Gareth Neal
  17. Peter Andersson
  18. Afroditi Krassa
  19. Richard Hutten
  20. Jurgen Bey
  21. Tord Boontje
  22. Eva Broekhuijse
  23. Bob Daenen
  24. Steven Kessels
  25. Jo Meesters
  26. Erik Morel
  27. Monika Mulder
  28. Bertjan Pot
  29. Job Smeets
  30. Lidewij Spitshuis

This page is a work in progress – so I may come in and add stuff from time to time.

Now if you have an idea of a link I can add to this list? Please suggest it in the comments section and I will add it.


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