Nissan’s electric cars

The past and the future of Nissan’s electric cars: from 1947 to iPhone apps — Autoblog Green

Nissan has made a big splash in the electric car world with its recent Leaf unveiling, but let’s not forget that the company has a long, long history with engine-free motoring. A new press release put out by the Japanese automaker quotes Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novel (seriously) for extra cred while looking back at the first all-electric vehicle in the corporate history book: the 1947 Tama Electric Car (pictured). That EV used lead acid batteries to go an easy 22 mph and had an astonishing range of 40 miles. It was sold in post-war Japan for three years. Other EVs from the history books described after the jump: the Prairie EV, the Altra EV (known as the R’nessa EV in Japan) and the Hypermini. Quite a lineup

Looking forward for what might be coming in the upcoming Leaf all-electric vehicle and Nissan’s other EVs, the company is reportedly developing an iPhone application that will allow owners to check in on the battery’s state of charge as well as operate the car’s air conditioning and heating system. Why would you want to do this? Similar to the automatic cabin cooling that happens with the solar roof option in the 2010 Prius, a remote climate control app means you can tell the car to use the grid’s energy to get the car to a comfortable temperature before getting in, saving energy in the battery for more momentum. Perhaps Nissan has learned something after six decades of EV work?


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