On Form and Design

I have now been teaching form and design for the better part of two decades. In this period I have had occasion to try various methods, exercises and theories of form development. So I went in to teach today and spoke of the background, the pitfalls of the ‘trade’ mindset in design, and of the pure-design in the project. I then connected the Japanese calligrapher, Zaha Hadid, the chef, the film maker (John Woo). I attempted to give the students a language to function in a world of form – genre, kitsch, … TBC. More on this in time.

On Hot and Cold Design

Cold doesn’t do anything, hot bother you(Stellarc). Cold is a focus upon a goal, hot is a capture of a dynamic creative process.

On the Transverse and Longitudinal in the Design Project

Transverse: 1:100, exploration, risk, unexpected, recall value, Buck, modelling

Longitudinal: Rendering, CAD, model making, prototype making, engineering

On Design by Drawing and the Table:

Discusses the context of the table (Saffer) as the location that has defined the aspects of the practices of design: stylized object drawing, CAD, model making. Then talks about how these three have replaced form and the space for the exploration of the visual and the aesthetic.

On letting Material Speak

I said that I was seeing a ‘laboured’ drawing, a contrived sketch and pretty much evidence of design done with a heavy heart. No joy in this. The answer is for the material to speak – to prove the point that they were being domineering and controlling with the design I contrasted two things: one, the need to get permits to travel to Arnhem Land and the clash of cultures in the Indians hurst incidents.

  1. Bamboo
  2. Lycra
  3. Beach
  4. Plasticine, Dough
  5. Paper, Card

Understanding hi-design versus kitsch

  1. The analogy of food: KFC drum stick versus french cuisine.
  2. Talking about cinema: John Woo, Ozu, Brother Bear versus Harvey Crumpet
  3. Crown versus Hyundai Excel


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