Unemployed Print Designers

This is a story about adapting to change. What is ID today – you may well ask.

An Open Letter to Unemployed Print Designers | Chopped Fresh

Poor, poor little print designer. You have been working exclusively in Quark, InDesign and Illustrator for the last ten years, and you haven’t bothered to advance your skillset to accommodate new mediums, like this Internet fad. And now you can expect to compete for lower paying jobs with a lower title. But you really have nobody to blame but yourself. You probably should have spent some of your free time learning how to do some basic HTML or Flash, or perhaps even learning what information architecture is and what it is used for. Instead you have resisted the changing landscape, and you’ve banked on companies always needing business cards or stationery or whatever.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but it’s too late for you to catch up now. A new generation of visual designers is coming into the workplace, and they are not only trained in interactive mediums, they understand them because they use them every day. The younger crowd understands what a “tweet” is, recognizes the importance of wireframing a user interface, and knows how to properly construct a web page. They even grasp the importance of keeping their skills up to date. And they’re hungrier and more innovative than you are.


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