Global Warming Studio – Key Aspects

The “global warming studio” requires you to develop your design of a ‘car’ over the course of a year.

Listed here are the 10 key aspects of the ‘Global Warming Studio’.

On Content
1. This studio is part of the Sustainable Pathway in the Industrial Design Program.
2. The studio will emphasize exploration of aesthetics – particularly Japanese aesthetics.
3. The studio is a Campaign Project – to make a difference  and to engage in a major challenge facing humanity.

Exposure and capability development
1. The studio has three key manufacturing Industry participants – Ford, GM and Toyota.
2. The studio offers industry visits and feedback sessions with designers in the auto industry.
3. The studio draws on research projects in Universities (RMIT Engineering and Monash University) in Australia.

Focus is upon
1. Radical Innovation.
2. Making a thing of beauty.
3. Setting clear goals and achieving them.
4. Developing confident independent thinkers.

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