Service Design for Maternal Health

The Project Design is based on a mirroring of the stakeholder groups in the Maternal Health system in India.The project is looking to engage with the work being done on maternal health at the grass roots level – so contact with local NGO groups, in addition to engaging local health administration, is considered important. The links provided at the bottom reflect this spread of agencies.

A lot of the published material come from a management and policy angle. Another lot of work is from the medical and midwifery angle. More recently there is work on the MIS side to health management and this work is from the software industry. There is no work yet on service design – and so that is one I have added. The bibliography reflects this spread of academic/research perspective.

The project design components therefore look something like this:

  1. Midwifery: Training TBAs, Capacity Development, Studies of Midwifery practices
  2. Design: Design of products and services
  3. Art and performance: Campaign for social change
  4. Management: Health system study, program design and delivery
  5. Computer Science: Health Management system design
  6. Medical: Capacity development – Medical professionals in the health system


OxfamGreatBritain — September 22, 2008 —

If you think this is dangerous, try giving birth in poor countries without a midwife, hospital or medicine. This flashmob is one of a series happening in Paris, Berlin, Utrecht and across Canada to highlight the scandal that millions of women in poor countries and around the world aren’t getting the healthcare they need for a safe and healthy pregnancy.
(And just to put your minds a rest – the dancing expectant mums in this video aren’t pregnant, they were professional dancers wearing pregnancy suits!)
And if you like this, why not become a fan of Oxfam on Facebook too –…

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