Safe Motherhood

This is a snapshot of a Safe Motherhood Project with a focus upon India.


  1. 20% of all Maternal deaths globally occur in India.
  2. Majority of deaths among the poor, rural and remote.
  3. The largest cause of death is Post Partum Hemorrhage.
  4. Of the 28 states, many states have low MMR and 18 have high MMR.

Ongoing work in MMR reduction in India

MMR – Maternal Mortality Rate

  1. Indian Government has a program called the Janani Suraksha Yojana (Safe Motherhood Program). The program is a component of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The focus of the program is upon 18 states with high MMR.
  2. There are case studies of dramatic reduction in MMR – Gujarat has an example of social focus that has reduced MMR by 40%, and Tamil Nadu is an example of a well designed and operated system. These case studies serve as models for best practice.
  3. The NRHM is a well designed and funded program. 92 % of the funding is by the Government of India. 8 % is international funding. The Govt of India has limited international funding to 6 sources (US, Canada, UK, Japan, Sweden, EU).

Options for Intervention

  1. There are two modes of participation in the ongoing project of MMR reduction in India: the Inquiry led mode and the Direct mode.
    1. The inquiry led mode is a focus upon capacity development from an institutional base.
    2. The Direct mode is in the form of relief – that is providing supplies, equipment and infrastructure – from an aid focus.

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