Preliminary Research

May-June 2010, Notes re Alexandra Gartrel

Background: I encountered the problem – then communicated to me as PPH and began working upon finding out more in Late December 2009. In February 2010 I travelled to India and interviewed/ had conversations with key stakeholders (stakeholder organisations). I came back and continued my literature survey. I am by this time reasonably knowledgeable about the area of maternal health and feel competent enough to construct projects/ interventions. I have many different answers to what can be done.

As the project is being constructed – it is emerging that the tenure of the project will be 2010-2015. The location is almost certainly a state in India. The scoping out of the project – will go on for a bit longer.

Expressions of Interest: Through the project process – I began going to difefrent people to speak to them about the project. An early expression of interest came from Nursing and Midwifery (RMIT). Then from Media and Communication (RMIT). I still have a long way to go with the process of seeking expressions of interest. Potentially NOSSAL Institute, Melbourne University, Vic Health and Midwiefry Australia. The principle of using Expressions of Interest as an engine relies on the fact that different people and agencies would love to channel their energies into this project – and thus helping me construct a multidimensional and rich project.

Stakeholder Mapping: The maternal health system in India has numerous stakeholders – often the stakeholder interests can be organised as an agency-approach combination which links with academic disciplines and perspectives. But first the task is to list key agencies and stakeholders in the system.

Report: I have begun a preliminary report of findings. The report exists as a 35 slide presentation and a one page abstract of recommendations. It is my aim to develop a concise and clear report – that will serve as a base defining the start of the project.

Literature Survey: I have been reading up on the area and have a collection of literature, the bibliography of this I post to the blog. My aim is to do a take on the key issues being dealt with literature in the field.


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