The Sentinel

The 108 services were launched in Assam with a fleet of 20 ambulances on November 6, 2008 following an agreement between the GVK EMRI and the Assam Government on July 8, 2008. At present, 280 GVK EMRI ambulances cover various districts of the State. The EMT pilots have demanded that their jobs be made permanent and salaries increased. They have also alleged that there have been financial anomalies in implementation of the EMRI scheme in the State.

Addressing a press conference today, AAEOEPA members said they would stop the EMRI 108 services, if GVK EMRI chief executive officer Venkat Changavalli did not give them a written assurance that their demands would be met in one week. The AAEOEPA also urged upon the State Government to intervene in the matter. The EMRI pilots said they were made to work for 12 to 24 hours a day despite the fact the they were supposed to have 25 working days of 8 hours each in a month. They also said some EMRI officers were using them for their “personal work”.

“We should have 25 working days of 8 hours each in a month, but we are made to work for 12 to 24 hours a day. Some EMRI officers also use us for their personal work. It is unfortunate that we don’t get extra remuneration for extra work. No accommodation is provided for us. Whenever we take up our problems with the EMRI authorities, they threaten to sack us”, said the EMRI pilots.

via The Sentinel.


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