12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes | Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes

I often receive a lot of questions about how to make online quizzes for free. Here is a collection of 12 free online quiz making applications I collect after days’ collection. These apps will help you make quizzes for online use for free. Do you know of any other free online quiz makers that can be helpful? Please add your favorites in the comments.

via 12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes | Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes.

via 12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes | Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes.

School Uses Video Games To Teach Thinking Skills : NPR

A novel public school in New York City has taken the video game as its model for how to teach. Students use video games and design them as part of their classes. As Quest to Learn is wrapping up its first year, those behind the program say game-based learning is integral to 21st century literacy.

via School Uses Video Games To Teach Thinking Skills : NPR.

via School Uses Video Games To Teach Thinking Skills : NPR.


Why megatrends matter

Futures researchers always work with three types of futures: the predictable, the possible, and the preferred. The two last – the possible and the preferred – are also worth considering when we use megatrends in our strategic work with the future.

Megatrends say something about the probable future, but there are other possible futures. Every megatrend can be set aside or can suddenly and fundamentally change direction. Wildcards – events that are unlikely, but that would have enormous consequences – can slow a megatrend’s development or create counter-forces. For example, the events of September 11, 2001 temporarily stopped growth and slowed some aspects of globalization.

Back to the future Transportation

Back to the Future Transportation | Futurist.com: Futurist Speaker Glen Hiemstra

One of the amusing, and sad, things about discussions of the future of transit in the U.S. is that it is so often discussed in one of two ways, both intended to make it seem rather outlandish. First, it is discussed as something vaguely foreign – sure, they have widespread transit in Europe, but we are not like them. Or, second the concept of widely accessible transit is presented is simply not a possible idea, like it has never been tried in whatever city is in question (except New York and Washington DC). So, when commentators like Duncan Black simply point to historical maps of transit systems in city after city, I can only wish we could go back to the future with transit. Here is the map of Seattle’s old transit (street car) system from 1933. It went everywhere.

YouTube – Futurist Thomas Frey on Future Trends in Education, Jobs, Transportation

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Bring Kevin Back

Then I thought that maybe we could bring him back. Bring Kevin back as PM!!

Changed Kevin: Kevin is redone. He keeps his vision of changing Australia. But gets a refresher on how to deal with people. He does a course in ‘negotiation’. He spends a weekend with Obama on ‘think before you act’. This is a started – the ‘curriculum’ for changing Kevin will be written with your help – and consultation.

If you think we need to bring – a changed Kevin back post you comment here.

Can you please post here – What Kevin needs to learn.
(And we will try and get this to him.)

Bloody Wednesday

The day started off in an unsettled fashion. It was the day after I had spoken out at an office meeting – being a lightening rod for a criticism. I provoked and was feeling I had spoken too much the day before. The I woke at 4 and watched Australia concede that goal to Serbia and end up with a small margin, and so head home. Good on you socceroos!

Then the news began to come in from Canberra. I was aghast! I was apalled. It was wrong – it was not a decent thing to do. Later I heard John Faine on ABC and his cynicism was corrosive. I felt like I was in a naive space, I began to hanker for idealism. I did not want to lose Kevin Rudd – I did not want Australia to lose its vision.

The new person who would come on board was not clean – it felt sleazy. It was back to politics after 30 months of a feeling that politicians were for the people.

I sat at Degani’s in Clifton Hill and jotted things desultorily. Its only about feelings – and very disjointed! So here goes.

Kevin Rudd and perfection – A thesis of perfection with a hidden fatal flaw.

Australia will go through the five stages of Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Acceptance and Death. The death would be of the independence of governance. It would be lobbyists and special interest groups. The idealist leaves and the pragmatist arrives.

Then I wrote this:

Dear Kevin, why, why did you let this happen?

You had dreams, you invited us to dream with you and you showed courage, took risks and promised us the dreams would come true. And you let them dump you, push you aside. You let us down.

You may well say et tu Julia.

But hemlock you have drunk

you are no philosopher

you are no academic

you were meant to keep evil in check and protect us from the cartels, the gangs, the organised thugs