On Sustainability – from the inside looking out

An abstract of an article I am working on.

The meaning of craft changes as we move through different contexts. The fact that it is an art form in the developed world takes it out of contention as a contributor to green house gases. The fact that it is a source of livelihood in the developing contexts holds portents of an un-realised consumption potential in these populations. A simplistic take on craft as an object-creating field will give us an industrial-take on sustainability, which is one way to do sustainability and craft though a way that looks in at craft from the outside. Another way is to look at the craft activity as a shared principle – as an engrossment that cuts across income, education and geographical lines – and thus as a sorority or brotherhood with a potential for a value laden discourse and thus amplify the neglected and marginal notions that chracterise acute engrossment. Might it be possible to imagine a sphere of craft – makeosphere – that can be imagined alongside the biospehere? And if so what manner of discourse would this sphere construct? My intention is to look into the future and propose that craft make its own contribution on ideology and practice into the ongoing sustainability debate. I will then go on to take on the onerous task of constructing the elements of this discourse.


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