World Changing

An Idea of a course: The book – world changing – links its lineage to the whole earth catalog. Reason enough for the book to be a must read for designers. And wouldn’t this area of exploration completely and totally charge up an idealist student?

People’s desire to do good has been called many things in the past. These days it seems to be referred to as world changing. For some it is a large term, an ambitious term – for how can we individuals be arrogant and make such tall claims about our work. For many who use it to describe their work this is a correct description of what they do – they see themselves as world changers. In this global movement to change the world can be found many design students and professional designers – and of course all manner of people from all kinds of backgrounds for change and idealism is not the prerogative of any one person or professional calling. Many of the change makers were fortunate in finding an environment in their youth that kept the cynics in one corner, possibly the smoking room, and let hope and romance occupy most of the space. They grew up believing they had a good life and so aspired to give others less fortunate a shot at a better life. This kind of spirit has taken many young and old Australians to the farthest reaches of the globe and to the remotest and poorest hamlets to give their time, energy and ideas to make life better for others. This same spirit lurks in the deepest reaches of the hearts of many of the humans you encounter on the streets of Melbourne every day. It is possible you too burn a small candle somewhere for a small pot of idealist thoughts of things you make like to accomplish in this life. It is possible this elective is a place for you to find that idealism in you – and for you to imagine what you would like to do. To change the world in your own small way.

Email me to find out more. Or see these videos and move on.

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