Fifth Goal

The Fifth Goal is a Studio course. Here is the blurb about the project.

The Fifth Millennium Development Goal: Improve maternal health Since december 2009 I have been working on a project that aims to reduce maternal deaths. My proposition is that though this is a medical problem – design can contribute too. And possibly in innovative ways. My research has taken me into the homes of families where there has been a maternal death, to NGOs who are doing amazing work in incredibly tough circumstances, and I have met many who have been fired up with the common global project of working together to make motherhood safe. Many have looked at me with curiosity and then been amazed at what design could do. It all comes down to having really good ideas and innovations to contribute to the project. I am at this stage looking at you all as possible collaborators – as people who can work with me on this project. And together we can make a difference. So do give it some thought – and look up this link for more info:

  1. My Blog for this project: Every Eight Minutes.
  2. The Research Group Site: Maternal Health Research Group.

External Sites and blogs:

  1. Women Deliver
  2. WHO MDG 5
  3. Maternal Mortality Daily
  4. Karen Grepin’s Blog

And of course:


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