Most expensive

Is Design about designing really expensive things for the super rich? Take a look at these sites and comment if you want.

Born Rich: Cruise to the luxury

In a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, divers
have found what is being thought to be the world’s oldest and most
expensive drinkable champagne. Believed to be around 230 years old, each
bottle found is expected to go for around $68,000.

World's Most Expensive Cell Phones - Sony Ericsson Black Diamond
Most Expensive Cell Phones in the World -Sony Ericsson Black Diamond $300,000
The World’s Most Expensive Stuff 2010: The Rich Spend Richer – BusinessWeek
The World’s Most Expensive Stuff 2010 – click above to go to slide showThe Rich Spend Richer

Urwerk UR-202 “White Shark” Highly Limited Watch – Timepieces Luxist

Sonoro Stardust Elements ($2,500) – Gift Guide 2008: 10 tech toys for the filthy rich | DVICE

Short of bedazzling an Aston Martin, the Swarovski crystal-coated clock radio is as showy a gift as you’re going to find. Sure, AM/FM radio and an input for an MP3 player is a staggeringly simple recipe for a single-speaker system, but this does simple in the cutest package since Britney married the first time.


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