Donations Lag for Pakistan

Is this going to change. If this is the worst disaster – then surely AID must flow.

Western Donations Lag for Pakistan Flood Victims –

Getting more money from other sources, particularly from private donors in the United States, has been more of a challenge, aid agencies admit.

While the U.K. public now seems to be responding generously, “public response across other countries — in Italy, for example, and the U.S. — has perhaps been a bit lower,” ActionAid’s Taylor said.

Public opinion of Pakistan is seen as one factor in the slower response. Pakistani media reports also suggest that their public believes mistrust of the government in Islamabad is turning donors away.



This gadget was created to solve a real problem with biogas – getting the dung to the system quickly and efficiently. Motorbikes are the taxi’s of Africa so why not? Before I tell you about the above gadget I just want to remind you about the problems we have been having to solve to get the biogas to work at home.

World Comics

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Grassroots comics are made by socially active people themselves, rather than by campaign and art professionals. They are genuine voices which encourage local debate. They are inexpensive and the technology is not complicated – pens, papers and access to a copying machine are usually enough.

What matters is a good story with local content, made for local distribution in places such as bus stops, shops, offices, clinics, schools, notice boards, etc. People are always interested in what their local activists and organisations have to say.

Cat Laine at BIF-4 | Business Innovation Factory

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Fully Charged on Youtube

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Robert Llewellyn is a writer, actor and Broadcaster of many years experience. He has most recently started two video podcasts, ‘CarPool’ which is on iTunes, YouTube etc, and now ‘Fully Charged’ which is also available on as many platforms as possible 

How Copenhagen Became a Great People-Oriented City (Video) : TreeHugger

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YouTube – BirthsMart

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