Two things about Japan

Japan is ‘awesome’ viewed from design eyes. In this we mainly get to see examples of Japanese aesthetics.

But what about ‘environmentlism’ in Japan, and ‘corruption’?

These two texts will send you on your way – and behind the facade of perfection in Japan:

Re Environmentalism: “What is often crystal clear to me is the Japanese are more than happy to be environmentally conscious as long as they are forced to do so by the government and when the larger issue isn’t directly in their hands (as is the case with the Kyoto Protocol). When it comes to making the effort on a daily basis and scrutinizing their lifestyles, the thought doesn’t even occur to most of them.” (More …)

Re Corruption: “There are at least two lessons to be learned from these tales of bureaucratic corruption. First, it appears that students of Japan– and academics especially– have been mistaken about one big fact concerning that country’s leaders. We knew that politicians were dirty, but we also believed that bureaucrats were unsullied by the grime of crime and corruption. We were wrong.” (More …)