Timelines for Asian Design

I have been pushing to get a peridoization – breaking history into periods – of history happening. My next task is to come up with a new set of terminologies – aesthetic categories – for the periods.

How is the periodization of material culture (design) to be undertaken?

The following periodization is to serve as breaks, period, that define the dominant ideology-culture. Which then influences the design, influences, and aesthetics of the period.

Re Indian Sub-Continent pre 20th Century – will be a special category within the colonial period, that presages the birth of the nation states in the sub-continent.

In the contemporary period the account can be in decades – swift change of technology and material culture transformation. Whereas in the period before the account can be in chunks of 100 years or more.

What are the hero-objects that define each period?

South Asia
Ancient 1500 BC to 400 BC
Buddhist Period 400 BC to 0
Kingdoms Period 0 to 1000 AD
Islamic Period 1000 to 1700 (1750s)
European (Great Civilization) 1700 to 1857
Colonial Period 1857 to 1947
Nationalist Period 1947 to 1991
Contemporary Period 1991 to Current

South East Asia
Ancient 1500 BC to 1 BC
Hindu Period 1 BC to 1000 AD
Islam Period 1000 AD to 1600 AD
European Period 1600 AD to 1945*
Nation State Period 1945 (or other) to current

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