John Sealy Brown

Is good and a very good place to start. –

“A New Culture of Learning is at once simple, subtle, and sophisticated. Thomas and Brown help us understand the profound changes brought about by digital technology in a way that calms anxieties and fires hope for the future. We come to understand that the twenty-first century is about embracing change.

It is about how concepts like tacit knowledge, indwelling, and collective play can restore America’s competitive edge. The new culture of learning draws energy from massive information networks while honoring the bounded and structured environments in which experimentation unleashes powerful imaginations.

This is not a book about school reform but rather an exploration of how people of all ages are learning by doing, asking fresh questions, and working together to solve problems and seize opportunities. It is a call to action to reconceive how we learn at all ages. This is a profoundly optimistic book that gives us the confidence to embrace change—indeed, it compels us to celebrate change as it guides us toward the future.”

—Jonathan Fanton, former president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation


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