Annotated Bibliography on Constructivism in Education

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This bibliography was originally researched and developed by graduate students in Niagara University’s School of Education, and it was synthesized by the students under the leadership of Prof. Margaret Richardson (SUNY Cortland), who facilitated their work together at the week-long Constructivist Design Conference held at St. Lawrence University in July 2005. Many of the entries in the bibliography contain annotations (indented in italics) written by members of the graduate student team. The bibliography is not considered to be exhaustive; instead, it is a continual “work-in-progress.” Readers are requested to send additions to the editors. The bibliography is structured according to the outline presented in Prof. Richardson’s paper published in the Fall 2007 issue of JPACTe (“Constructivism and Education: An overview of contributions to the literature with an annotated bibliography” ). The structure, which includes direct links to different sections, is as follows:

Two additional sections of annotations, while not discussed in the paper, are also included in the bibliography:

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