Some great work Yashas Shetty is doing in the Art Science interface.

This is on the lines of Edward Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, James Ossian and Castaneda.

It refers to creativity, deconstructs the idea of origin, questions media as a vehicle for factuality, and asks the interesting question of whether genius has to be compulsorily derivative to be really effetcive; privileging altered repetition in Deleuzian and Guattarian terms, over the original.

Yashas Shetty is creative in the Art Science field in the same way those two thinkers are/were and Fitzgerald was too, perhaps

Yashas’s ability to take from anthropology and mythemes and technology and his love of and sensitivity to music in its different forms – and the media’s ability to deceive playfully and use it against itself – is thought-provoking and deserves a much greater study in detail. The futuristically mixed product here of the past and the more recent past which works as a banaustic music-scape that he re-creates for us then as a listening space in cybertime and cyberspace is deliciously pranksterish and a fascinating experiment that opens one’s mind to many different pathways in it, to say the least!!!

Listen and in “conversations” enjoy his insight into an extremely relevant issue of today that is connected to this and filtered through the works of people like Glenn Gould and Michele Certeau, in the related interview.

Most of all though, apart from all the theory and jargon I have just spouted, this strange and haunting work speaks for itself.

Read this note on the Jhonds before that.

Listen and enter its interstices.


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