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Mobile phone based risk assessment in India.

“In Gujarat, thousands of rural health workers, trained by the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), go door-to-door collecting information on pregnant women, infants and sends it using their mobile phone to State Rural Health Mission (SRHM), the government body, which collates the data into a centralised repository. This data is then used to alert rural health workers – through SMS – to make sure they reach out to the pregnant women and mothers regarding immunisation dates or medicines to be taken.”


Women’s Groups Saving and Changing Lives

There are many very inspiring stories …


The role and the ability of young women in South Asian cultures have been hugely underestimated, and it is about time we take a good look at how they are changing not only their own lives but also other around them. Like the other women in her group, Archana is a leader. By letting every pregnant woman in her village know her story, she is empowering them with knowledge and inspiring them to re-imagine what is possible. Through the group and through her example she is saving and changing lives. I feel like I’ve seen the future, and she is called Archana.