Mobile phone based risk assessment in India.

“In Gujarat, thousands of rural health workers, trained by the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), go door-to-door collecting information on pregnant women, infants and sends it using their mobile phone to State Rural Health Mission (SRHM), the government body, which collates the data into a centralised repository. This data is then used to alert rural health workers – through SMS – to make sure they reach out to the pregnant women and mothers regarding immunisation dates or medicines to be taken.”


One Reply to “EMamta”

  1. It’s incredibly powerful to see the daily components of westernized life (i.e. cell phones) playing such a crucial role in the world of maternal health in developing countries. Very inspired by the innovative approach in achieving better access to maternal health.

    At Midwife International, we work to make safe, natural maternal healthcare and childbirth more accessible world wide through offering midwife training around the globe. For more information, please visit: http://midwifeinternational.org/midwife-training/.

    Thank you for sharing this information!!


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