The work will be embroidery (hand and digital) done on a base cloth (cotton). The size of the full piece will be 1mx50m. The work will be made up of panels 600×600, with a border (150 wide) at the top and bottom of the piece. Each panel will be an event, story or relate a rite/myth/ practice.

Re Tapestry: While not strictly a tapestry, it customary to refer to such large story telling cloth murals as ‘tapestry’.

The preliminary layout follows on from the notion of rites of passage – from puberty to childbirth in this instance – from left to right. This was the format of the cloth that I used in conversations during my field trip in Assam, India.

1st probe

In the image the various triggers for stories and events can be encountered as people (stakeholders), and as places (hospitals) or as events (conception, childbirth). Each event, person or location has a story, a practice, or a ritual associated with it – each potentially a topic for a panel.