Events/ (Stories) depicted

The tapestry layout follows the rites of passage from left to right. On the left will be the narrative till the point of conception, with the middle section being an expansion of the period of pregnancy, with the section on the right being the period after childbirth.

In first instance the cloth made for conversation aimed to draw and depict the ‘health ecosystem’ in its entirety. The subsequent pieces took up the topics separately. These were themes such as:

Menstruation and puberty; focussed upon the context and experiences of a young woman or often the transformation of a girl into a potential bride. The cloth contained a pattern for the making of cloth pads.

280 Days; a pictorial depiction of the period of pregnancy, 9 months or 280 days. The drawing depicts a journal like conception of development and evolution of the body towards birth.

26 moons; dealt with the period after childbirth and the needs of the mother in her period of recovery from childbirth. 26 moons refers to both a potential period of breast feeding, or the period of gap needed between pregnancies for the body to fully recover. This cloth is for the conversation with men, and so is a narrative with a different potential for treatment.