Bio – Chandrashekhar Bheda

(New Delhi)

Chandu is a New Delhi based textile artist. Trained as a textile artist Bheda has for decades worked with craft communities to develop new designs for their work.At the same time he has worked upon commissions for mass production fabric houses. He blends his knowledge of contemporary technology with his vast experience of traditional textile cratfs. He executes fabric murals in huge sizes referencing textile crafts as a integral component of his narrative. The pieces he produces have allegorical references to Indian myths and lore interwoven with secrets and personal anecdotes. The pieces he conceives are sketched digitally modified/transformed/ printed and then extensively worked upon by different craftspeople who use traditional craft techniques to sew into/onto the base fabric a layer of meaning. Focussed upon navigating contemporary visual (responses/ projection/imagery) his work forces multiple evocations through a dense layering of motifs, meanings and tradition in textile materiality. His pieces are controlled and directed as a project on a large scale. His artworks have graced the walls of architect built spaces. See also images of sample of crafts used in Bheda’s work here (

The work below shows the stages of development of a cloth piece – on a mythological theme. This a figurative work. You can click on the images to see the images enlarged.

Shri Vishnudashavtara by Chandrashekhar Bheda_Page_2

Shri Vishnudashavtara by Chandrashekhar Bheda_Page_3

Shri Vishnudashavtara by Chandrashekhar Bheda_Page_4

Shri Vishnudashavtara by Chandrashekhar Bheda_Page_5

Shri Vishnudashavtara by Chandrashekhar Bheda_Page_6

Shri Vishnudashavtara by Chandrashekhar Bheda_Page_7

The images below show examples of abstract, geometric pieces installed.