Bio – Sophie Gaur

Sophie Gaur is a Melbourne based artist and illustrator. She runs an independent studio focussed upon illustration and graphic design. Her illustration work has been figurative such as the digital illustration of a range of Australian native flora and fauna – which were then used to pepper a variety of graphic products. In her practice she engages with ‘making’ – as in hand-binding books using traditional materials and techniques, she makes pin-hole cameras and experiments with image creation. As a sessional lecturer she teaches ‘thing speak’ a course on meaning in material objects. Her recent work uses biro drawings on paper as the base for a digital modification and illustration of poetry. She has recently worked upon on the theme of women’s bodies and maternal health to produce five narrative cloth works for exhibition.

The two figures below are for a book on poetry on the theme of silk-worm. The media here is biro pen drawings, scanned and digitally transformed. Click on image to see enlarged image.



The image below is an abstract composition for an orchestra tour.


The two images below are illustration of Australian flora and fauna, composed into a natural setting.

In the background can be seen the Collingwood Town Hall.



The following drawings are the cloth probes. The first one below is on the theme of 280 days  – the period of pregnancy. The circles define a journal – and speak about an alternative way to remember the daily events during the course of a pregnancy.



The drawings below are details from the piece on the theme of puberty and menstruation.