The significance of Provocation in negotiating sustainability and future orientated Vehicle Design

The carbon footprint of a car is made up of the embodied emissions to make the car and the tail-pipe emissions of the car over its lifetime. A focus upon ‘reduction’ as a theme within sustainability agenda in car design would thus translate to a reduction in car production volumes and a reduction in demand for travel. The “car design research network” is a design project that uses serialised propositions exploring these dual-provocations through a networked enterprise model to come up with product service solutions for the future . The project selectively sets up studio projects, industry collaborations and simulates design as virtual models and prototypes. The studio projects offer students a research project location to undertake a project that asks of them to define a radical vision of a future, with an emphasis upon the naive as a disruptive agency.The project’s focus upon ‘reduction’ is in opposition to the notion of ‘growth’, the primary driver for new product development in Industry, and constitutes the fundamental device used in the research project to disrupt the collective narrative of car design thinking. The paper is a reflection upon the methods used, the outcomes generated and the impacts achieved through the research project.


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