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Its 29 days ago today. I am watching Australian Story on ABC.

I hear about a man who has changed his life to pursue an ambition to give people with locked in syndrome a voice. Goose bumps. I pick up my phone and tweet:

#peterford on #australianstory what an amazing man, amazing work

Then a short while later offer my time and expertise to what I see an a meaningful cause:

@NeuroSwitch if an #IndustrialDesign contribution is required am happy to put my hand up probono

Peter Ford and I start talking, first on twitter (DM) and then by email. Then a few days later we talk on the phone.

So Design can contribute to the area of work: In many ways – all ways that have to be proposed. So I go into the ‘mobilities’ class and say – hey wat about mobility for people with Motor Neuron Disease – what can you do in that space?

Then the Social esign types – what can you do?

The answer is lots of course – looking forward to getting a few willing souls who can pick up and run into tis space. Fingers crossed.

More …

Control Bionics makes NeuroSwitch G5 Liberator, a fifth generation computer-human-interface (CHI) system that is designed to enable people with severe disabilities to communicate with their loved ones, carers, friends and the world at large with text, text-to-speech (TTS), instant messaging (IM), emails and the internet; and to control their own entertainment media (music, videos and online services) as well as expanding their own creativity with word processing, music and video editing, and design programs.

via Control Bionics – About Us.


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