Resources: Advance Care Planning – Department of Health, Victoria, Australia

Advance Care Planning

‘Advance care planning’ is the process of planning for a person’s future health and personal care. Advance Care Planning helps ensure that an individual’s choices are respected for future medical treatment. Their beliefs, values and preferences are made known, in order to guide future care in the event that the person is unable to make decisions or communicate.

There are two main aspects to Advance Care Planning

  • Appointing a substitute decision maker 
    In Victoria this is best done by appointing a Enduring power of Attorney (Medical Treatment),

and / or

  • Discussing (and preferably documenting) a person’s wishes for care 
    Documentation of values, beliefs and preferences can provide clarity to the treating medical team.

The Department of Health currently funds Advance Care Planning in eight health services. Many other health services and organisations are now also offering assistance with Advance Care Planning.

Patients and their carers should speak with a doctor, nurse or clinician at their health service to find out what support or advice is available.

Advance Care Planning sits within the Integrated Care Branch.

Resources: Advance Care Planning – Department of Health, Victoria, Australia


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