Human+ is a “Design in Industry” studio I am teaching this semester.

Product Design Project

Target Client: Control Bionics, Sydney.

Peter Ford ( on the left in the picture, and the CEO of Control Bionics) has devoted his life to helping people with Locked in Syndrome. For a bit more on Peter Ford see The First Word, Australian Story

After the Australian Story appeared, Peter and Soumitri got talking (initially on twitter, then on the mobile phone) about what design could do for Peter Ford’s company. Peter asked if we could design interesting helmets, like the helmets the Psilon wear, that he could then power up with electronics? I said yes that was something we could do.

The design brief is to develop headsets for Control Bionics. Control Bionics makes NeuroSwitch G5 Liberator, a fifth generation computer-human-interface system that is designed to enable people with severe disabilities to communicate with their loved ones, carers, friends and the world at large with text, text-to-speech, instant messaging, emails and the internet; and to control their own entertainment media (music, videos and online services) as well as expanding their own creativity with word processing, music and video editing, and design programs.

Watch Michael Phillips on video.

Neuroswitch in the news.

Interactive exhibits Design Pitch

Target: Science Works (Museum Victoria)

By the time I had finished reading this book on Kindle, I had tweeted all my favourite passages. Eric had been retweeting these tweets for some time. So when I finished we exchanged emails. Soon after I was being asked by doctors in Melbourne – ‘how do we keep abreast of the sort of stuff Topol mentions?”

My answer was an interactive exhibit that lived in Hospitals. So doctors could duck into the room with the exhibit and have a play and discover amazing stuff about the frontiers of medicine. I then spoke of this to people in the Museum, and now need a pitch to show what this exhibit would look like. As a proposition to a museum the exhibit would enable the visitor to navigate through the amazing world of the frontiers of medicine and healthcare technology and services. In addition to the Basic-Mode of the exhibits, for schools and lay visitor, the exhibits also have an advanced mode for the medical researcher or practicing doctor.

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Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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