Migrants from India settled in Australia 4,000 years ago before Captain Cook’s arrival (and they took their dingos with them) | Daily Mail Online

This news item came up in the Daily Mail – scientists speak about the results of the Human Genome project –  that the Tamil gene in the Australian Aboriginal population was 140 generations old. (Thanks Arvind for the original post). What is interesting is that the humble dingo is now a cousin of the Indian dog.

Then the zh can be found in Australia. David Gulpilil is an Australian Aboriginal Actor – http://www.gulpilil.com. He pronounces his name in the Tamil way – Gulpizhil – the zh sound as in vazhapazham. Which I have always found interesting. So it appears that zh sound is 140 generations old.

Here is a video – of a spoken Aboriginal language. Sounds a bit like Tamil?

The DailyMail articles – Migrants from India settled in Australia 4,000 years ago before Captain Cook’s arrival (and they took their dingos with them) | Daily Mail Online.

Dr Irina Pugach, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, said the international research team calculated that the Indian DNA reached the Aboriginal population 141 generations ago.

Assuming that each generation is separated on average by 30 years the geneticists were able to conclude that the Indian population arrived on in Australia 4230 years ago.

‘Interestingly this date also coincides with many changes in the archaeological record of Australia, which include a sudden change in plant processing and stone tool technologies, with microliths appearing for the first time, and the first appearance of the dingo in the fossil record,’ she said.

‘Since we detect inflow of genes from India into Australia at around the same time, it is likely that these changes were related to this migration.’

In 2009 I posted here – https://campaignprojects.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/tamil-and-australian-aboriginal-languages/ – about the similarities between tamil and the language in the movie Ten Canoes. The comments action of this post is very much alive – a topic that many others visit periodically.

A Ten Canoes Clip – 

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  1. I understand even Hindi words are in the aboriginal language. Bandara is a town is near where I live. And I hear the fish Burramundi means ‘big head’ which the fish does have.. Any more thoughts…love to hear..


    1. Interesting, i was in Kenya nairobi in 2007 and in 2013 and i noticed that some street names were not unlike some Aboriginal names here in Australia. IE:there is a st named Koinang st in Nairobi and we have small town in Victoria called Koroit, we have a city here called Geelong and a road in Nairobi called Ngong Rd. Coincidence?


  2. The Name was( Muli -Au-Ab)= Tamil Name ( Mulli maran / Milli Walavan / Mulliyan), but Aus-Abr. for Father = APPA , Tamil Valley to Appa. For Mother = Amma Tamil to-Amma,Ancient Egypt-Sumerian called ‘Amma.


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