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I recently finished reading Peter Jones’ book Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience. If you are a designer and keen to enter into Health Service Design – this is a brilliant book. If you are a health care provider, or someone who works in the health care services industry this is a good way to see how ‘design’ thinks about health care. In simple term we make what is hard (health care services, medicine, hospitals) into something squishy (service, patient experience). Once its squishy we – designers – can remould it much as you would sculpy or your favourite brand of modelling clay. So in short – a highly recommended book. You can follow Peter @designforcare. Plus here is a video and a blurb (if you want to scan and come back for the video later)

Peter Jones, author of the new book Rosenfeld Media book: Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience, presents a discussion of service design in healthcare as an integrated practice of empathic design. Designers are finally starting to make inroads in the practices of clinical healthcare, but are finding institutions have no context for their contributions. Clinicians, IT, health services and patients (people seeking health) tend to live and work in disconnected systems today, and the “best fit” of design practice has not yet been recognized. Designing for care complements clinical care practice, improving services and creating innovative and systemic responses to complex human system problems.

The webinar maps design practices and methods found effective in different contexts across the healthcare spectra (consumer, clinical, institutional), illustrated by current cases and design research. Brief design research studies are presented to prompt our rethinking of the meanings of care, of information sensemaking in care contexts, and designing for requisite complexity.

Plus more Videos

Transforming Healthcare with Service Design

Lovely Video from Karolinska: This service design project was carried out by Transformator Design Group at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, spring 2010.

Hitachi Design – an innovation centre serving all of the company’s sector-specific divisions – invited PDD to look at European trends and industry expectations regarding the use of digital health records.

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