Adorables or Deplorables?

I listened to NPR politics (yes a fan) podcast on my way to work today. Clinton’s use of the phrase – Basket of Deplorables was discussed and that it was now viral as #basketofdeplorables. What prompted this post was a comment by @domenicoNPR that he had posted a basket of puppies as #basketofadorables. So I headed off to twitter to check this out. I saw the basket of puppies – but then I came across a conspiracy theory that twitter was forcefully converting #basketofdeplorables into #basketofadorables – but isn’t this just autocorrect? Just saying.

#nprpolitics @samsanders

The other issue was the discussion around the #plebiscite. I have been tracking on this – and its already begun the polarisation and the hate speech – and then the phrases and contexts got conflated. #basketofdeplorables?

Signing off with a #basketofadorables

Published by Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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