I am the regional editor for South and South East Asia on the International Project The Encyclopedia of Asian Design (Bloomsbury Publishers, London).

Its 5 years since I joined the project and I am now connected to the design and art community in every country from Pakistan to Timor Leste. I have travelled to many of these countries and participated in meetings – physically, textually on the web through facebook/ email/ LinkedIn/ Twitter/ whatsApp, in audio conversation through skype/hangouts/viber – with many people. Some of these people are contributing to the project, many others helped me find people who could contribute. Thats about 200 contributors and another 200 people who I have spoken with (badgered) and asked for help.

I have a database of peers – designers, gallery curators, museum based researches, anthropologists, artists, academics, activists, theorists – and have developed this fascination for each country in this patch. I have old maps of Asia (somewhere in this blog), I have transferred this passion/this love for Asia to many students. I have read when When Asia was the World, watched 13th Warrior depict Ibn Fadlan through the persona of a corpulent Antonio Banderas and listened to Tim Macintosh-Smith narrate the travels of Ibn Battuta and ended up with looking at the world with Asian Eyes – and agreed with Eliot “That is not it, at all” (in Profrock).

If you work in Asia, design and make in Asia or are merely interested in all things Design in Asia – you can contact me.

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