Projects for VicRoads

News Item: VicRoads has admitted more than 1400 motorists could have been wrongly fined for driving an unregistered car due a computer glitch with its licence and registration system. Read more Here. VicRoads had a problem with their software[1] – a technical malfunction that did not communicate with the customer – with disastrous consequences for the customer.…… Continue reading Projects for VicRoads

How The TOFU Project Is Teaching Silicon Valley Values To Japanese Entrepreneurs | Fast Company

The goal is to expose the nine entrepreneurs on the one-week program to the ways Silicon Valley goes about innovating “and then bring those experiences back to Japan to spread to other entrepreneurs,” Kan says. Among the stops on the trip: Lessons on design thinking from Adaptive Path and LUXr, learning about agile development from…… Continue reading How The TOFU Project Is Teaching Silicon Valley Values To Japanese Entrepreneurs | Fast Company


The carpet was put in today. Carpet from Outlook centre 35$ – new though seconds. Now thew windows need a swift clean and its ready for projects.


Some very good tolls for scenario thinking and on the Future!Foresight HomeForesight’s role is to help government think systematically about the future. We use the latest scientific and other evidence combined with futures analysis to tackle complex issues and help policymakers make decisions affecting our future.Our work makes a critical contribution to meeting important challenges…… Continue reading Foresight

Industrial Design Melbourne

This year, like every year at this time, a whole bunch of design students will leave university to enter the profession. And as with this time every year the prospect of making a living from design is scary! So I said to myself I would do something about it. But what? I could visualize projects…… Continue reading Industrial Design Melbourne

Towards Zero Waste Strategy

Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Strategic Plan – Sustainability VictoriaMelbourne’s population is growing and so is its waste – over 10 million tonnes was thrown out by Victorians in 2006-07. The Victorian Government’s approach to waste management is addressed in the Towards Zero Waste Strategy which is a call to action for all Victorians to…… Continue reading Towards Zero Waste Strategy