What would Gough Do?

I had a few names I was tossing up for this piece. Its the usual story – I have been listening to Freakanomics radio and have been inspired to write this. But first on the name: I thought I would do a “Letter to Mr Shorten” in response to the Labour opposition leaders press release – Bill…… Continue reading What would Gough Do?

Lets do Design Projects in the space of Open Government

I had a look at Open Goverment today – nudged by a twitter post. Great Video. This is their site:  http://www.opengovpartnership.org/about/mission-and-strategy OGP’s vision is that more governments become sustainably more transparent, more accountable, and more responsive to their own citizens, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of governance, as well as the quality…… Continue reading Lets do Design Projects in the space of Open Government

Projects for VicRoads

News Item: VicRoads has admitted more than 1400 motorists could have been wrongly fined for driving an unregistered car due a computer glitch with its licence and registration system. Read more Here. VicRoads had a problem with their software[1] – a technical malfunction that did not communicate with the customer – with disastrous consequences for the customer.…… Continue reading Projects for VicRoads


Some very good tolls for scenario thinking and on the Future!Foresight HomeForesight’s role is to help government think systematically about the future. We use the latest scientific and other evidence combined with futures analysis to tackle complex issues and help policymakers make decisions affecting our future.Our work makes a critical contribution to meeting important challenges…… Continue reading Foresight

The Story of the Cat

I go into town by train with my kids. We all get off together and walk to their school. I then keep walking past their school and head for work. In effect I walk to work everyday. I walk past this one shop where there is a cat in the window. Yesterday I took a…… Continue reading The Story of the Cat

I quit facebook

I quit it because I am giving up. Giving up things that I get into.So alas – facebook must follow along the lines of coffee (given up in 2006) and chocolate (on its way out in 2009). For it is the strip, the mall and the place for the advertisement to come into my life.…… Continue reading I quit facebook

Ponting did not see the replay?

I grew up in India and then now live in Australia – where when you are disappointed about someone not playing fair you say – aw that is not cricket. See here for the idiom: It’s/That’s not cricket – Idioms – by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. It’s/That’s (just) not cricket! (British & Australian,…… Continue reading Ponting did not see the replay?

How to blog – for the shirker

I have been blogging for five years now. See this link for all my blogs: http://sites.google.com/site/soumitrisarchive/blogs-and-sites(now that was a spruik! caught you!)But seriously – are you a blogger who?feels guilty blogging.blogs when the family has gone to sleep.checks your email for comments on your blog first thing every morning.thinks blogging is not work – and…… Continue reading How to blog – for the shirker

Alexa Rank

If you run a blog you are bound to be interested in how well your blog is doing. So I have a hit count of about 300-ish. Day before yesterday it was 408. Now you get the idea – I do check blog stats – I am a slave to them. My whole self worth…… Continue reading Alexa Rank