Orange Sky Laundry

I heard about Orange Sky Laundry this morning on the Radio. It made my day! This is the Site. The article in The Age. This is a social innovation that provides a service – clean clothes – that is crucial to an individual’s self respect. What the founders of this enterprise speak about is – how…… Continue reading Orange Sky Laundry

What would Gough Do?

I had a few names I was tossing up for this piece. Its the usual story – I have been listening to Freakanomics radio and have been inspired to write this. But first on the name: I thought I would do a “Letter to Mr Shorten” in response to the Labour opposition leaders press release – Bill…… Continue reading What would Gough Do?

Design for Care

I recently finished reading Peter Jones’ book Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience. If you are a designer and keen to enter into Health Service Design – this is a brilliant book. If you are a health care provider, or someone who works in the health care services industry this is a good way to see how…… Continue reading Design for Care

Projects for VicRoads

News Item: VicRoads has admitted more than 1400 motorists could have been wrongly fined for driving an unregistered car due a computer glitch with its licence and registration system. Read more Here. VicRoads had a problem with their software[1] – a technical malfunction that did not communicate with the customer – with disastrous consequences for the customer.…… Continue reading Projects for VicRoads

A Masters in Social Design

I get the news today on Facebook that Ambedkar University Delhi is open for admissions to its masters program in Social Design. I resist the temptation to add an ‘at last’ to the title and move on. You can see the Program announcement here – I go into my blog to find the posts I…… Continue reading A Masters in Social Design

Product Design Employer – Melbourne

Raph Goldworthy – the CEO of DESIGN DROPLETS – posted this in a facebook group: “Who is the biggest industrial design/product design employer in Melbourne ? Post the name of the place and the number of id/pd peeps currently employed there.” If you have information to add – please post it as a comment here.

Say no to designing objects

Is that really possible? First the chain of causality and unsustainability: you buy things, which then creates the system that caters to this consumption behaviour, which then needs the manufacturing system to make things, which then requires designers to imagine things, which then means you have designers who want to design (things). The question that…… Continue reading Say no to designing objects

We have to change the world

Or so goes the sentiment in”design thinking” – and well its possible. Or alternately – let look back to see how we HAVE changed the world. From 2004 till now we (my colleagues and I) have shaped 321 minds and put them out into this city, Melbourne. Of these, lets say for the sake of…… Continue reading We have to change the world


Page – 3: The Design blog – Design trendsetterShmuel Linski’s ‘Espresso Solo’ flies right in the face of product designers who associate design aesthetics with utilization of materials that lends a smooth soft appearance. Willing to experiment with a variety of material combinations, this designer has crafted an espresso machine from concrete.

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