What would Gough Do?

I had a few names I was tossing up for this piece. Its the usual story – I have been listening to Freakanomics radio and have been inspired to write this. But first on the name: I thought I would do a “Letter to Mr Shorten” in response to the Labour opposition leaders press release – Bill…… Continue reading What would Gough Do?

Design for Care

I recently finished reading Peter Jones’ book Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience. If you are a designer and keen to enter into Health Service Design – this is a brilliant book. If you are a health care provider, or someone who works in the health care services industry this is a good way to see how…… Continue reading Design for Care

Projects for VicRoads

News Item: VicRoads has admitted more than 1400 motorists could have been wrongly fined for driving an unregistered car due a computer glitch with its licence and registration system. Read more Here. VicRoads had a problem with their software[1] – a technical malfunction that did not communicate with the customer – with disastrous consequences for the customer.…… Continue reading Projects for VicRoads

Say no to designing objects

Is that really possible? First the chain of causality and unsustainability: you buy things, which then creates the system that caters to this consumption behaviour, which then needs the manufacturing system to make things, which then requires designers to imagine things, which then means you have designers who want to design (things). The question that…… Continue reading Say no to designing objects

We have to change the world

Or so goes the sentiment in”design thinking” – and well its possible. Or alternately – let look back to see how we HAVE changed the world. From 2004 till now we (my colleagues and I) have shaped 321 minds and put them out into this city, Melbourne. Of these, lets say for the sake of…… Continue reading We have to change the world

Studio Designers

I find this interesting as this releases furniture from its bounds, its product-ness and its utilitarian-ness within the ‘life-style’ discourse. … Max Lamb Maarten Baas Nacho Carbonnel Hella Jongerius Marcel Wanders Robert langhorn Carrie Solomon Design Drif t Frederik Roije Wieki Somers Chris Kabel Creative Levitation Design Rafael Morgan Alexander Reh Sixixis Gareth Neal Peter Andersson Afroditi Krassa Richard Hutten Ton van de Ven myoungwon Suh chul an kwak Max Barenburg Jurgen Bey Tord Boontje Eva Broekhuijse Dave Bynoe Bob Daenen George Giannikopoulos Piet Hein Eek Axel Enthoven James Granger Hella Jongerius Steven Kessels Marty Lamers Paul Linse Jo Meesters Erik Morel Monika Mulder Gijs Papavoine Bertjan Pot Job Smeets Lidewij Spitshuis This page is a work in progress – so I may come in and add stuff from time to time.

A Violinist in the Metro

I gt this in an email – and then looked it up in google – and found it there. I am going to post this – and then I will get off the computer. I will go to the next froom and giv my wife a hug. I will then potter about in the kitchen…… Continue reading A Violinist in the Metro

Things to do in a recesion

I posted this comment on Bruce Nussbaum’s blog: Good on you Bruce for being so ‘topical’. First the transformation design post and now this recession post. This aligns with a line I have been taking (this is a plug for my blog – so stop reading here!) in 2009 in trying to answer another question…… Continue reading Things to do in a recesion