The Learning Environment

This project is focussed upon the method, in a content-method duality of learning and teaching. The immediate background to this project is a 4 year long action research project that focussed upon demonstrating the effectiveness of a method focussed program. Titled My First Six Months*, the project reimagined 3 university courses with a focus upon enabling agency in the students.

* The first six months of a university degree are momentous. This is a period when the learner sets aside, who they are, how they think and what is the right way to be. They have traded in one kind of sociality – school or workplace – with its specific rules, for another yet to be comprehended. Students who have spent a decade as second class citizens within a regimented power structure, aka school, can easily flip to becoming autonomous learners. As evidenced by their acuity and fidelity in self assessing themselves and peer assessing their colleagues.

On Agency

The program of ‘affording agency’ or ‘supporting the autodidact’ was built both – on precedents and on the contemporary zeitgeist of self enacted transformation. Access to these paradigms of and case studies of practice was provided in a website through a carefully curated resource – Progressive Higher Education.

This resource provided one impetus to the setting up of a community – live resource – for growing this resource. Another impetus was interest in the “pedagogy of MF6M” from other university departments, schools and international universities.


The dissemination is a collaborative effort to enact a collective. The administrators of each community platform – four people for now and expected to grow – represent diverse sectors and different generations. At this stage the ownership of these communities is very much a work in progress. This section will be updated periodically.


The platform uses the ‘social learning’ aspect of facebook. Within this platform are the following features, which will be used to enact a learning community.

  • Discussion
  • Guides
  • Topics
  • Rooms
  • Quizzes
  • Polls

The Community

This is a community of people who can hang-out in a digital space. There is the potential for face time encounters within the digital platform. Then there is the hope that in the future we will have physical events where the community is physically enacted.

The name Dead Teachers Society draws upon the Robin Williams movie, The Dead Poets Society.

Dead Teachers Society Australia LINK

There are currently two facebook communities: Dead Teachers Society Australia and Dead Teachers Society India.

Dead Teachers Society India LINK

The Dead Teachers Society – – Coming soon.