Soumitri in 2016

Design is vehicle for change. A Design Project can be a campaign. In a furiously online world I see design projects as either a first step towards a business venture or a campaign that changes the way people think. Design innovations can change the way we deal with ageing and death. Design projects can change…… Continue reading Soumitri in 2016

When Design is Research: A proposition realised as artefact constitutes design’s knowledge contribution

Austrailan modes of Practice based PhDs have gained currency the world over within the creative disciplines. However with time and translation into other contexts the operating models often lose the core spirit that the focus on ‘practice’ as both a method and topic was intended to privilege the useful knowledge domain of creative practitioners. Written…… Continue reading When Design is Research: A proposition realised as artefact constitutes design’s knowledge contribution

Bring Kevin Back

Then I thought that maybe we could bring him back. Bring Kevin back as PM!! Changed Kevin: Kevin is redone. He keeps his vision of changing Australia. But gets a refresher on how to deal with people. He does a course in ‘negotiation’. He spends a weekend with Obama on ‘think before you act’. This…… Continue reading Bring Kevin Back

Industrial Design Melbourne

This year, like every year at this time, a whole bunch of design students will leave university to enter the profession. And as with this time every year the prospect of making a living from design is scary! So I said to myself I would do something about it. But what? I could visualize projects…… Continue reading Industrial Design Melbourne

MacIntyre on Windschuttle

Posted to mark the reading of History Wars!Stuart Macintyre | Reviewing the History Wars | Labour History, 85 | The History Cooperative He misreads those whom he castigates. Windschuttle repeatedly alleges that Reynolds and Ryan sought to depict the frontier as a place of indiscriminate white killing. Yet Reynolds was principally interested in the Aboriginal…… Continue reading MacIntyre on Windschuttle

Design and the Indigenous

Its been a few months since my participation in that forum where I got introduced to the Indigenous in design and architecture. My first impulse was to go off and literally consider a ‘design school’ for the indigenous. This is something that Alison Page is championing – so I could join in that effort. I…… Continue reading Design and the Indigenous

Global warming isn’t real, says Senator Fielding

This is from the Age paper. Looks like the emissions trading scheme is dead!Or some political points are being made.Global warming isn’t real, says Senator FieldingFamily First Senator Steve Fielding has made up his mind on global warming – there’s not enough evidence that it’s real.After talks with the Government and top scientists, Senator Fielding,…… Continue reading Global warming isn’t real, says Senator Fielding