The Bushfire Bunker Finished

Years ago – after the 09 BushFires – there was all this discussion about BUSHFIRE BUNKERS. Dierderek at that time posted – to say that he was building a bukner. Adn the days went by he sent me images of the bunker he was building. More recently there was a comment-query in my blog post…… Continue reading The Bushfire Bunker Finished

A Bunker Building Story

Hello Soumitri, A short story on shipping container fire bunkers, The myths surrounding container fire bunkers E.G they will become an oven etc can be summed up in one word, horse….. Once they are in the ground they are cool as a cucumber. It is true that soil is the best insulator. So a few…… Continue reading A Bunker Building Story

Melting Human Flesh

This one is for Barbara – I was at this public event and someone comes up to you and says, ‘hey that thing, that bunker thing. I am watching that space for ideas’. It felt good. For the faint voice is committed to stay hidden and only talk about the small and the hidden.If you…… Continue reading Melting Human Flesh

Shipping Container forum discussions

Self Service Science – ABC Science Online ForumWell what materials and designs would be bestfor building a fire storm resistant house?Would a cellar or underground room need to be part of the plan.How can people build houses to have the best type of fire plans built in to their situation?Self Service Science – ABC Science…… Continue reading Shipping Container forum discussions

Bunker Stories

I started a conversation with people about designers and architects contributing sketches to a compilation of drawings of bunkers. In Kinglake and other areas people often build their own houses – and so the sketches would form an idea bank that can become the basis of inspiration. Or just offer up an archive of options.…… Continue reading Bunker Stories

Hardened Structures

Source – the radio today I heard a survivor of the bushfire describe an underground shelter (bunker?). And how they were all safe below the ground as the fire raged overhead. This sent me off on a search for such spaces – and I came across this company that has an appropriate name and…… Continue reading Hardened Structures

Bushfire heat melts alloy

Craig Kidd looks at the melted metal of alloy wheels from the vehicles on his property in Bendigo on February 9, 2009, after bushfires tore through the area.Source: Bushfire heat melts alloy – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


I live 45 kms to the south of Kinglake and about 30 kms from Whittlesea. So the fire and the tragedy felt really close. We heard yesterday that Sue, my daughter’s class teacher from a few years ago, was safe. But a friend of┬átheirs┬áhad lost everything – so we pitched in with some clothes and…… Continue reading Support

‘Dig deep’ for bushfire victims

‘Dig deep’ for bushfire victims, Australians urged – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)The Victorian Premier John Brumby has launched a Bushfire Appeal Fund to help the victims of the more than 400 bushfires which have swept across the state.The Victorian Government and the Federal Government will donate $4 million to the appeal, in addition to…… Continue reading ‘Dig deep’ for bushfire victims

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