Studios and projects in sustainabilities

I want to write a text about the ultimate purpose of sustainability studios offered to industrial Design students. I want to ask the agencies or sustainability organisations who engage with design students – why do you do so? And I will now proceed to answer the question. These agencies offer studios to broaden the field…… Continue reading Studios and projects in sustainabilities

Better Place

Better Place || An Innovative Company || Who We AreWho We AreImagine living free from oil.Picture zero-emission electric cars running on a clean energy grid. Governments, auto makers, energy companies and Better Place work hand-in-hand to make this happen. The result: our people and our planet prosper together.This is more than a vision. It’s something…… Continue reading Better Place

Poster Exhibition of Camapign Projects

I went and put up the posters of the Projects at the Sustainable Cities Forum. The forum itself was quite an eye opener – I saw 3 minute presentations of the projects like Green Roofs whic is all about greening roofs! Then I had a long conversation with a VEIL person and Monique the CEO…… Continue reading Poster Exhibition of Camapign Projects