Soumitri in 2016

Design is vehicle for change. A Design Project can be a campaign. In a furiously online world I see design projects as either a first step towards a business venture or a campaign that changes the way people think. Design innovations can change the way we deal with ageing and death. Design projects can change…… Continue reading Soumitri in 2016

Soumitri Varadarajan Keynote Address

Conversations 48 deg C – a two day symposium brought together Indian and international experts on ecology, urban space, architecture and public art. Keynote: Soumitri Varadarajan, RMIT Response: Sanjay Prakash, Energy Conscious Architect Chair: Ashok Lall, Urban Planner Architect Provocateurs include: Amar Kanwar, Artist; Bharati Chaturvedi, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group; J.K. Dadoo, Environment…… Continue reading Soumitri Varadarajan Keynote Address


artefactAny object that has been used, modified, or manufactured by humans, such as a tool, weapon, or vessel. In art, an artefact is a product of human skill and creativity, while in archaeology, the object may be a simple item of importance and interest.Armenian Architecture – VirtualANI – GlossaryAny small object that has been manufactured,…… Continue reading Artefact

The State of Design Education in Nova Scotia

The State of Design Education in Nova Scotia | Brightwhite DesignI am extremely interested in all aspects of the design profession, from how it’s taught to how it is practiced, especially as it relates to online or ‘new’ media.It seems that our local educational institutions are largely out-of-touch with the skills, design processes and requirements…… Continue reading The State of Design Education in Nova Scotia

Accelerating Innovation for Development

Accelerating Innovation for DevelopmentInnovation, the process of developing ideas into products and services, is a major driving force in global economic growth and development. Historically innovation has been done within institutions, whether companies or non-profit organizations. Innovation generally tends to be a closed process, relying on a limited pool of human resources and knowledge (albeit…… Continue reading Accelerating Innovation for Development

Method U

I have been following Kahane’s Solving Tough Probelms for some time now. And have taken many bits of method U into my own practice. The best bit about it is in this text – from Zaid Hasan – Connecting to the Source: The U-Process. ‘instead of planning and designing you just start. You take the…… Continue reading Method U

Daily Dump

Composting Service in Bangalore India. By Poonam Bir – a designer, graduate of NID.home | Daily DumpDaily Dump offers a range of products and services that help compost at home.It also provides solutions and knowledge through an open source platform.As a service, Daily Dump helps you manage your household waste andconvert it to useful high-quality…… Continue reading Daily Dump

Quest University Canada

Is this the way forward for our universities.Quest University CanadaQuest University Canada is…An innovative, secular, not-for-profit, liberal arts and science university located in a spectacular location – Squamish, British Columbia.

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