Soumitri in 2016

Design is vehicle for change. A Design Project can be a campaign. In a furiously online world I see design projects as either a first step towards a business venture or a campaign that changes the way people think. Design innovations can change the way we deal with ageing and death. Design projects can change…… Continue reading Soumitri in 2016

What are the 10 big design challenges in the social sector? » Design Thinking

We have relatively few design thinkers operating in the world. What would happen if instead of that capacity working randomly on problems it was focused on a small number of big issues? Could we use new mechanisms like open source or prizes to motivate larger numbers of creative people to collaborate? Could we create categories…… Continue reading What are the 10 big design challenges in the social sector? » Design Thinking

Industrial Design Melbourne

This year, like every year at this time, a whole bunch of design students will leave university to enter the profession. And as with this time every year the prospect of making a living from design is scary! So I said to myself I would do something about it. But what? I could visualize projects…… Continue reading Industrial Design Melbourne

on Design Forums

Why has the level of discussion in “design forums” degenerated so quickly? Maybe because they’re not populated by “designers.” Greenfield explains … A List Apart: Articles: The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes (and other notes on the distinction between style and design) I admit it: I’m one of those poor souls who likes to indulge…… Continue reading on Design Forums

Indigenous Australian Design

(picture above – David Lancashire) On Monday I was asked to be a ‘respondent’ ( my first time as a respondent!) at this event – Culture Shift: Culture Shift: An Indigenous Future for Design There’s a global shift in design towards greater collaboration. In Australia, designers have learnt greatly from working with Indigenous communities. But…… Continue reading Indigenous Australian Design

Sustainable Designs for a Living World

10 Awe-Inspiring, Sustainable Designs for a Living World: Showing Now at Cooper Hewitt (Slideshow) : TreeHuggerNot able to hoof it to New York City’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum for the Nature Conservancy’s Design for a Living World”? Fret not, because we’ve brought the exhibit to you through the magic of the Internet.In our slideshow, you’ll find prominent…… Continue reading Sustainable Designs for a Living World

I hope we’re nearing the end of the product design mindset

Emergence 2007 » Blog Archive » What People Are Saying About the Emergence ConferenceTodd Wilkens from Adaptive Path’s talk–”The End of Products”–was near to our hearts. Building the argument for ecosystems rather than products, he talked about the need for less service design than a “service mindset,” concluding with the admonition: “I hope we’re nearing…… Continue reading I hope we’re nearing the end of the product design mindset