Locavore Map

Last semester I set up a project to research and design a Locavore map for Melbourne. I attach lo res images (2 sides) of the map.

(Shweta worked on the map – which came through really well)

I am now looking to get the map printed.

Food Fight

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And check out a preview for Food Fight here.

Food Fight – Trailer

More awesome stuff here

Food Fight opens with a bit of history about food production and America’s eating habits over the past half century. Beautifully shot and well written, we are treated to a series of interviews with food luminaries such as Alice Waters, Dan Barber, Wolfgang Puck and Michael Pollan, who frankly, hold exactly the same views about food, cooking and eating as I do. It’s no accident that I agree with them. These are the people who created the local, seasonal food movement as we know it today and who are at the forefront of trying to exact some change in the way Americans shop and eat.

End of Food – Paul Roberts

This is a long Video – a lecture by Paul Roberts on his End of Food book. And its eminently watch-able.