Soumitri in 2016

Design is vehicle for change. A Design Project can be a campaign. In a furiously online world I see design projects as either a first step towards a business venture or a campaign that changes the way people think. Design innovations can change the way we deal with ageing and death. Design projects can change…… Continue reading Soumitri in 2016

Rudd warns of massive hikes in health costs

Rudd warns of massive hikes in health costs – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)New Treasury figures predict health spending on Australians over 65 will be seven times higher than current levels in 40 years’ time.

Indian Health Minister Calls On Country To Legalize Homosexuality

Indian Health Minister Calls On Country To Legalize Homosexuality To Improve Fight Against HIV/AIDSFollowing his recent efforts to legalize homosexuality in India, Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said the country should recognize the increasing acceptance of homosexuality worldwide because such tolerance would ensure “an effective fight against AIDS,” IANS/Thaindian News reports (IANS/Thaindian News, 9/29).Under Section 377…… Continue reading Indian Health Minister Calls On Country To Legalize Homosexuality

Smart DNA

Smart DNA: Programming the Molecule of Life for Work and Play: Scientific AmericanDNA molecules can act as elementary logic gates analogous to the silicon-based gates of ordinary computers. Short strands of DNA serve as the gates’ inputs and outputs.Ultimately, such gates could serve as dissolved “doctors”—sensing molecules such as markers on cells and jointly choosing…… Continue reading Smart DNA

Implants Tap the Thinking Brain

Putting Thoughts into Action: Implants Tap the Thinking Brain: Scientific American# Surgeons have implanted a novel neural prosthesis into a paralyzed patient’s brain. The high-tech device enables the patient to communicate his thoughts to a computer, which translates them into spoken words.# Nine people so far have received brain-implanted prostheses. In the past, patients have…… Continue reading Implants Tap the Thinking Brain

Where there is no doctor

  About the online Book: This handbook has been written primarily for those who live far from medical centers, in places where there is no doctor. But even where there are doctors, people can and should take the lead in their own health care. So this book is for everyone who cares. It has been written in the belief…… Continue reading Where there is no doctor

Patient Centered Care

“The paradigm in health care seems to be shifting toward a cultural belief in personal responsibility for one’s health and away from the attitude that physicians can use pharmaceutical therapy, advanced surgical techniques, or modern technology to ‘‘fix’’ any health problems that arise. Consumers and physicians alike will need to espouse a partnership model rather than the passive, submissive patient model of…… Continue reading Patient Centered Care

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