Two Feathers Coffins and Caskets

The indigenous in rites of passage Two Feathers Coffins and Caskets Welcome to Two Feathers Coffins and Caskets. Our goal is to provide our customers with a coffin or casket that reflects their ancestry and beliefs.Our products are handmade by Native craftsman utilizing birch, spruce, maple and pine, and lovingly decorated by a Native artist.…… Continue reading Two Feathers Coffins and Caskets

Aboriginal Links Page

A huge set of links with interesting project descriptions.AMMSA’s Aboriginal Links Page – Your single source for links to Aboriginal sites and resources on the web!One of the most comprehensive list of links on the web. If you start here, you may not need to go anywhere else! Currently off-line

Lenore Dembski

Lenore Dembski: Paperbark WomanLenore Dembski is a contemporary Aboriginal fashion designer influencing current trends. Her designs feature textiles designed and produced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and reflect her cultural heritage and contemporary focus.For almost 30 years Lenore has been designing and manufacturing clothing. Lenore’s labels which feature men’s, women’s and children’s clothing suitable…… Continue reading Lenore Dembski

Symbols, motifs and ownership: marketing and copyright issues

The Powerhouse museum has a bit of material looking at the issue of indigenous design           Symbols, motifs and ownership: marketing and copyright issuesExploitation of creative work can be a problem for any artist. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders the problem is often more complex as the symbols and motifs used in their designs also…… Continue reading Symbols, motifs and ownership: marketing and copyright issues

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fashion design

Paperbark woman: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fashion designAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designers are today expressing their cultures in graphic design, jewellery, textiles and fashion. Their work sheds new light on traditional themes and motifs, revealing contrasts between the different regions of Australia. The energy and imagination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design…… Continue reading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fashion design

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